Kuhel Art
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When I choose a subject to paint, I often resort to soul searching. Perhaps because that is the subject I am most familiar with. Or it might be because I have so many unique, personal experiences to draw from. While there are certainly other things I enjoy painting, at this time in my life, looking within has provided me with images that I have truly enjoyed depicting on canvas.
It often even proves to be somewhat therapeutic for me. My most recent work covers a full scope, ranging from agony and rage to heartfelt passion and love. Occasionally the subect matter has even been surreal, frequently portraying things that appear in my dreams.
I mostly work in acrylics, but enjoy changing it up every once in a while. Sometimes I feel a piece would look best using washes of watercolor, or have a more powerful effect with the soft edges of a digital canvas. It all depends on what the piece says to me. When I think of an idea, I need not think about what media I will work in, but instead the picture tells me what media will compliment it the most. My work is all about mood and my goal is to have the viewers overwhelmed with the emotion of the painting, whatever that may be, rather than describe it in words.